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About Us


At Talent House Recruitment, we love building relationships, we love building teams, and we certainly love building careers. We are a specialist recruitment consultancy with a focus in the rail, transport and advisory sectors across Australia.

Our relentless pursuit of curiosity drives how we approach recruitment. It’s the ‘left of centre’ questions, it’s the ‘out of the box thinking’ that drives our unique and innovative approach to achieving the best outcomes.

We’ve been the bedrock of recruitment within the transport and rail sector for the better half of a decade. Delivering on countless opportunities across the country working with a range of businesses from small up-starts all the way through to global tier one firms.

No opportunity is too big or too small. We’ve been involved in countless graduate campaigns whilst simultaneously delivering C-Suite professionals in national roles and everything in between.

At Talent House we take every on assignment with equal enthusiasm and a sense of authenticity and transparency.
If you’re considering your options, in need of industry professionals or just want to have a chat about the market – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

The Team

Bernie - Director


Bernie is our founding director and the driving force behind Talent House’s excellent track record.

In 2015, Bernie began what was meant to be a short-term contract in recruitment. He quickly fell in love with how people centric his role was and took on in a permanent position.

From there Bernie built, an established recruitment engineering division from the ground up and quickly became the youngest consultant to progress to Senior within the organisation at the time.

Subsequent to his initiation into recruitment, Bernie has successfully assisted numerous clients and candidates with a multitude of roles across the rail, transport and advisory sectors. Being a country boy at heart, Bernie is very easy going and will take the time required to truly understand what you are looking for, be it from client or a candidate side.

Curiosity is a core value and primary driver for Bernie. Being curious and gathering information and knowledge by learning more about people, companies, processes and ultimately the relevant fields that his clients and candidates work across, has greatly helped him achieve longevity and success.


Chief Culture Officer

Kransky is an integral part of the team here at Talent House. Kransky has over three years of experience in improving people’s wellbeing and ensuring our team is working as a collective.

Though answering the phone isn’t his strong suit, he is a fantastic listener and is always ready to lend an ear.

In his pursuit of improving our culture, Kransky has led many key initiatives such as implementing an incentive system for treats and snacks, morning walks for staff health and fitness and, extensive power naps to ensure the team is never fatigued.

Outside of work, Kransky is pursuing his goal to represent Australia in professional limbo.